Meals are served around four times a day, at approximately 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. Snacks and drinks are also available during the day for residents whenever they are hungry. Meals take place at the dining table and our staff is equipped to assist your loved one. Please let us know all Food Allergies in writing. It is also important to let us know likes and dislikes. Each home has a menu posted for the month, however based on likes and dislikes residents may request meals.

All medications are centrally stored in a locked cabinet. Golden Coast receives resident medications from Belville Pharmacy. Belville specializes in Home Health. They are able to bubble pack resident medications and deliver them monthly to the homes. You may choose to use your own pharmacy if you prefer. If you use our designated pharmacy the medications will be delivered to us directly. If you choose to use an outside pharmacy you will be responsible for bringing them into the facility. The Administrator will let you know when his or her supply is running low at least 5 to 7 days in advance. If the resident has insurance that covers medications please label the front and back of the plan’s card, so the designated pharmacy can see if any arrangements can be made to become the supplier of those medications within the insurance plan. Our Home Health pharmacy takes major insurance plans.

Staff are trained to dispense the medications as ordered by the Doctors. Staff training is ongoing by the facility RN and the pharmacy staff.

Golden Coast Senior Living focuses and selects the daily therapeutic activities in direct relationship to the individual resident’s continuing strengths, abilities, and interests. As our resident population changes, new activities may be introduced so that they complement and reflect the new resident’s abilities and interests to provide maximum satisfaction and achievements each day. Our music therapists offer music therapy 1-2 days a week. Activities are offered every week. Our policy is that everyday a resident takes a walk outside or in a wheelchair). Each home has an abundance of videos as well. We encourage videos and discourage TV, which is distracting and hard often too follow.

At Golden Coast, our wellness program emphasizes optimal nutrition, proper hydration and healthy elimination as fundamentals to a residents well being. Physical activity and mental stimulation are an important part of the program.

Massage therapy is provided 1-2 times per month by a qualified geriatric massage therapist.

Combined exercise and music is offered once a week. Social Activites within each residents individual limits are encouraged.

Each resident will have a party with a cake, decorations, present, and goodies. Please try to attend.

Major Parties: Christmas, Easter, and Summer. Families are invited to all holidays. Some holidays are celebrated on a small scale in each home. You are always invited. As abilities are reduced in handling various activities, those activities are not brought to the resident’s attention nor are there an expectation of their participation in them. We believe that a resident can have both an active and passive participation, depending on the day and the interests. Family members are welcome at any time to participate and be a part of our activities.

“Quality of life” means that you are an individual. As an individual each room is decorated to the taste of the resident, we encourage you to bring the residents favorite chair, bed, lamp and most importantly, lots of family photos.

Golden Coast Senior Living promotes a home-like and family atmosphere for each resident in his or her room. Each room is furnished. However, the resident can bring their own furnishings if they wish. In some cases this helps reduce some of the trauma of the change that accompanies the move, whether from another care center, hospital, or home. Photos and other important items are very important in helping the resident feel at home.

Together, we will personalize the room your loved one will occupy before he or she moves in the room. Putting pictures of the family, work scenes, favorite places, certificates, diplomas, and cherished children’s drawings on the walls throughout the home does this. Where appropriate we would like the family to bring items in advance of the resident’s move-in so that they may be put in place, as you designate.

It is wonderful for the loved on to have personal jewelry of great meaning including wedding and engagement rings, but they can and are frequently unintentionally misplaced, and the loss is traumatic. Therefore, please use some items of costume jewelry to substitute as a wedding ring where appropriate to minimize the loss. We urge you to work with us in making the substitutions so that if an item is lost, the loss is replaceable and is not financially costly.

It is also important that you mark all clothing items with the first initial and last name. It helps if all clothing items, including sweaters, coats, jackets, and shawls, are clearly marked. Be sure to include labels on all gift items.

There are outlets for TV in each room. To allow the therapeutic program to be most effective, we strongly suggest that you do not bring a TV for the resident for the first two months. This will enable your loved on to be a full participant in the activity program. The program is one of interaction and support with each resident, so we discourage having a resident sitting in his or her room watching television. Radios tuned to a favorite station can be of help.

For information about cable TV please contact the Administrator. The cable fees are billed directly to the resident.

Subscriptions can be made directly by you for the resident. It may seem strange to consider subscribing to the daily or Sunday paper newspaper if short-term memory has gone; however if the resident’s long-term habit and enjoyment was to always read/scan the morning paper before going to work or in the evening after dinner, then continuing to give the resident the opportunity to do so will be beneficial. Share with the activity director your loved one’s preferred way of reading the paper so that we can reinforce that memory and pattern by opening to that particular section.

Residents are encouraged to “work” alongside a staff member. You may see us folding towels and setting up the tables for meals or snack time. Golden Coast Senior Living has a home-like atmosphere; and where there is interest sharing the chores is satisfying to the resident.

We encourage frequent visitation

There is no curfew. Resident’s family members must sign out when they leave with his or her loved one and sign in when they return so there can always be an accounting for all residents in time of emergency. Residents planning to be out overnight or longer need to have medications signed out for and taken with them.

While it is the family’s choice to have such, we discourage it. If you wish to call your loved one or he/she wishes to call you, the house will handle the call. A caregiver will assist him/her with getting to a phone if needed. If you wish to have a phone turned on in the room you may do so through Cox and have it billed directly to you.

Residents may have visitors at anytime.

The beautician’s schedule and list of services are with the administrator. You can make appointments for your loved one with the administrator. The special way that your loved one likes to have his/her hair done should be shared with the community’s beautician so we can seek to do it as close as possible. Services are available once a month.

The Administrator will update frequently via telephone or e-mail. Communication is very important to us. Always feel free to call and ask or discuss any needs or changes as they occur. If you would like a meeting please call and schedule a meeting.

Fees are based on private or shared rooms and individual care needs. If you would like a tour of our facilities please call the Administrator and set-up an appointment.