Games, Trivia, Chair exercises, and music therapy provides residents with stimulation while encouraging gross and fine motor movement. Music helps to elevate mood and provides a great social hour.

Activities are provided scheduled by our Activities Staff. Activities that range from breathing, stretching, games, dancing, and working with art. Variety is always appreciated. Activities help increase self-esteem through success, along with multi-sensorial stimulation, visual, auditory, and olfactory.

Pet a Pet with the Family Dogs “Cowboy” and “Turbo”

Cowboy and Turbo are the Villarreal’s Family Dogs! Cute as can be, they accompany Usha, Michael and Al to the homes and help to brighten each resident’s day. This provides mood elevation, social interaction, and sense of worth. “A man’s best friend.”

Jai Jai is the Villarreal’s family Green Cheek Conure, she is very social, you can see the residents eye light up when they see Jai Jai and she generates smiles as she says “baby” “Jai Jai baby”

The Magic of Reike

Usha Villareal, RN is a Reiki III Practitioner.

Reike is very relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing, invigorating, and soothing. Regular Reike session’s helps residents feel better, relieves tension, stress, and allows for better sleep patterns. Families can set-up sessions for their loved ones.