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Golden Coast Senior Living Inc. Operates residential Care facilities for Seniors who are no longer able to be cared for at home or need more care then maybe assisted living can provide or perhaphs the senior is being discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing home. The facilities (homes) are located in Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest and Fountain Valley. Each home is licensed to accomadate six residents, each home is futher approved to provide care for residents diagnosed with dementia and also residents that may need Hospice Services. We like to think of Golden Coast Senior Living as mini assisted living homes that care for seniors that need help with ADL's, Medication Management and Supervision along with other needs. To discuss individualized care needs please call 949-533-4025

Our Mission

Our mission is to commit to providing care that will enable your loved one to experience an enchanced quality of life. Our team recognized each resident is an individual who needs care that is invidulized to meet their particular needs.

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We understand that finding the right home can be a difficult decision to make. Golden Coast Senior Living offers a specially designed program, which begins with a comprehensive pre-placement assessment, which is completed at the residents home, hospital or skilled nursing facility. Then, based on the assessment, a care plan is developed prior to admission in order to meet each individual’s specific care needs. In order for your loved one to have a smooth transition to our facilities, we ask for information regarding their personality, food likes, dislikes, sleeping schedules, favorite pastimes, activities, hobbies, family dynamics, and any other factors that have influenced their life up until this crucial point. This information is then carefully recorded and incorporated into their care plan. We provide a high level of medical supervision and continuously monitor and oversee the care of each resident in an environment that is designed to meet both physical and emotional needs. Our basic values and commitment to care for the past 15 years is what has set us apart from the wide range of homes available in Orange County.